Black Dog Infin 8 Collar/Haltermate


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Haltermates are Black Dog’s Second Generation, Rear Connecting, Figure 8 Halter.

This is the evolution of our highly popular Infin8 halter, we took all the great bits and left out all the hard bits, even the name is easy.

To check which size Haltermate is correct for your dog – click on the “Which Size?” tab – there you will find measuring instructions and a size chart to select the correct size once you have measured your dog.

Black Dog Collars are constructed from Brushed Polyester Webbing and sewn with 100% polyester thread. They are soft, strong, colour fast and wash exceptionally well.

We use the strongest Side Release Buckles available – for size – the “D” rings are all welded for security, each seam line is double, or tripple stitched and there are always 2 seam lines for points that take pressure. On all the Buckle collars, the Lead attachment “D” ring is positioned away from the buckle, to insulate the buckle from jerking and twisting forces – and on most collars there is a separate, smaller “D” ring for I.D. Tags, so it’s always easy to attach a lead.

All webbing ends are sealed and covered, leaving no rough or protruding ends to mark or rub a dog’s coat.

In short, these collars are constructed to last a lifetime of robust wear, and to look great while doing it.

Colours: Purple, Red, Green, Black


Measuring your dog for an Haltermate

You could guess the size, but it would be like buying an expensive outfit without trying it on, so here is info on how to get the best fit for your dog.

Dogs’ muzzle sizes vary, even within the same breed type, so guessing by breed isn’t as good as Measuring your actual dog – either a Neck measurement or the Figure 8 Measurement.

Use a soft tape measure to get your dog’s unique Figure 8 Muzzle, or Neck size, then check the size charts to see which size is best for your dog.

Figure 8 Measurement:  Place a soft Tape Measure at the back of your dog’s neck, then wrap it under the dog’s jaw and around the muzzle, then back around the neck to form the figure8, as shown above.

Pull to a snug fit and write down this measurement – This is your dog’s Figure 8 Measurement – check it on the size chart below…

Important: If your dog fits between 2 sizes, then go for the smaller size – Unless your dog is still growing, then you might select the larger size to allow for future growth.

Use your Figure 8 Measurement on this chart to get the correct size for your dog.

Figure8 chart Min (cm) to Max (cm)
Haltermate –Size 1 33 (cm) to 47 (cm)
Haltermate –Size 2 44 (cm) to 66 (cm)
Haltermate –Size 3 57 (cm) to 84 (cm)
Haltermate –Size 4 67 (cm) to 100 (cm)

Or …  use this Neck Guide to get an estimate of the best size.

Neck Chart Min (cm) to Max (cm)
Haltermate –Size 1 24 (cm) to 36 (cm)
Haltermate –Size 2 28 (cm) to 40 (cm)
Haltermate –Size 3 35 (cm) to 53 (cm)
Haltermate –Size 4 40 (cm) to 65 (cm)


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