Physiotherapists use a wide variety of techniques to relieve pain and improve function.  It is important to get the animal moving as well as possible with ‘hands-on’ techniques, relieve pain, then stabilise and strengthen to ensure prevention of recurring injuries. A home program is very important to maintain the condition in between sessions. In Australia you must be a human Physiotherapist to call yourself a ‘Physiotherapist’, and registered with AHPRA.  Physiotherapists then undertake post graduate qualifications to specialise in Animal Physiotherapy.

The Physiotherapy team at Holistic Animal Physiotherapy specialise in ‘hands-on’ treatment including mobilisation, massage, stretches, acupuncture, electrotherapy, balance and stability training, movement re-education and underwater treadmill training.  They take the time to make your animal to be comfortable with treatment in a positive environment.

Physiotherapy benefits include:

  • Acceleration of rehabilitation process and restoration of function
  • Reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Improvement of joint range of motion and muscle strength
  • Prevention of further movement dysfunctions or injuries
  • Optimisation of performance in sport/show

Conditions treated:  (Much like a human case load)

  • Orthopaedic – cruciate ligament/cartilage of knee (stifle); fractures; hip/elbow dysplasia; muscle and tendon injuries, patella luxation
  • Neurological – including spinal injury, peripheral nerve
  • Pre and Post surgical for any musculoskeletal/neurological condition
  • Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis, geriatric)
  • Back pain/ injury
  • Soft tissue/ sporting injuries
  • Poor conditioning (e.g. following cancer treatments, obesity, cardiovascular)


The Physiotherapists provides a thorough assessment, (1-1.5 hours), including treatment, underwater treadmill, acupuncture (with Brooke), advice and provision of home program.  The Physiotherapists are available for advice for ongoing management at any stage.

Following consultations are 30-60 minutes for physiotherapy treatment including acupuncuture and underwater treadmill training where appropriate . Further sessions are also available with Anna (Physiotherapy assistant) for ongoing underwater treadmill, massage, exercise prescription, electrotherapy and provision of home program.


Treatment should begin as soon as possible after an injury, preferably in early stages (even prior to surgery) to minimise secondary complications and maximise recovery. If you are not sure if Physiotherapy is appropriate and when is a good time to start feel free to ring any time to discuss your options.

We now provide HOME VISITS for our clients in need

I recommend this for:
– Those who physically can’t make it into the practice (human/animal)
– If home environment assessment is needed
– To establish safe swimming in home pool
– Highly anxious clients to be treated in comfort of own home
– Holiday care for injured animals
– Doggy day care post surgical patients (e.g. spinal patients or post orthopaedic surgery)
– Pre-euthanasia treatments to maximise comfort for all.
Please contact Brooke for further information. No call out fee within 15km radius NCVS.

Online Consultation

If you have a question or would like some advice visit this section HERE — NOW AVAILABLE!


Monday – Saturday at NCVS (online consult and home visit as needed) 

Friday – QVS Northlakes 


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