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Why use Online Animal Physiotherapy Consultation?

By reviewing the website it will be clear to you the benefits of Animal physiotherapy for your animal. As we are a new and emerging profession in Australia, it has become clear to me that access to qualified Physiotherapists specialised in Animal Physiotherapy is restricted. I would like to help as many animals as possible.

Thanks to advancements in technology, I believe I can do as thorough assessment as possible (without face to face or ‘hands-on’), and be able to give the owners advice and provide them with an effective home program. Often I will recommend further consultation with the Veterinarian where appropriate to provide a diagnosis, and to obviously see an Animal Physiotherapist in their area where possible. I will do my best to advise the owner as well as possible and work in with the Veterinarian where appropriate so we can maximise the outcome.

For further information on the APA’s (Australian Physiotherapy Association) position statement for Telerehabilitation in Australia please visit this link.

Does my Pet need Physiotherapy?

It is often difficult to determine if your animal is in pain. There may be subtle movement or behaviour changes that can indicate an underlying problem. For survival reasons animals often hide their injury and it can be difficult to accurately diagnose what is wrong. Physiotherapy can help. Some injuries require ‘hands on’ assessment and treatment, however many issues can be managed with the advice and a home program I can provide.

I have a proven keen eye for movement dysfunction. I have extensive private practice skills (as a human physiotherapist and pilates instructor); advanced postgraduate training (including a 2 year Masters in Animal Physiotherapy) and ongoing full time work as an Animal Physiotherapist in a Veterinary Specialist Centre.

Advancements in technology make assessment more accurate and are particularly beneficial for those clients so far away to not have access to Animal Physiotherapists. I have developed comprehensive skills at assessing and treating musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Through gathering as much information as possible, I strive to provide informed judgements and subsequent explanations as to what the problem might be, giving advice and providing a home program to improve the quality of life of your animal.

How does it work?

The easiest and fastest way to find out if you need physiotherapy is to send a ‘Quick Question’ to me at Holistic Animal Physiotherapy. To examine the injury situation more closely, a Comprehensive Assessment will help and all information is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Often treatment can be carried out by you without the need to see a Physiotherapist personally. This saves you time, inconvenience, and money. Rest assured, if you need to see a Physiotherapist or Veterinarian personally, I will let you know (if this is available and I can recommend a qualified Physiotherapist in your area).

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