We are pleased to recommend the following businesses


Leading K9

Kirsty Reid and her team are are passionate about providing support and guidance at both ends of the lead, to enable you and your canine companion to have the best possible relationship. Our aim is to help you and your dog to understand each other, communicate clearly, and achieve awesome things together as a team. Servicing Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Utility Dog

Kerr is a very skilled and experienced dog trainer on the sunshine coast providing private classes. He is a certified trainer with the National Dog Trainer’s Federation of Australia, and ANWI (Associate Nose Work Instructor) with the National Association of Canine Scent Work) – currently studying with them to become a Certified NWI. He also a registered judge and Certifying Official with the Australian Canine Scent Work (the only official sanctioning and organizing body for K9 Nose Work® titles and ORTs in Australia).

Ultimate K9

I highly recommend Becky Thomas and her team for puppy training, inhouse private lessons and group classes. Nose work/sniffer squad classes are very popular on the Sunshine Coast.

Inner Wolf Canine Nutrition

Steph Orange is a fountain of knowledge in the world of canine nutrition. Steph has a current diploma in canine health and nutrition and studied for 2 years with British College of Canine Studies. Their mission at Inner Wolf is to maximise wellness and longevity for every dog or cat as an individual.

Outside Pet Enclosures

Professionally designed and built using a qualified Builder to provide a quality pet enclosure that suits your needs, lifestyle, budget and most importantly – your pet. Ph: 0407 872 268 or email Brooke has an outside cat enclosure installed and dog and cat flaps that she can 100% vouch for! 

Elite Canine Training and Behaviour

Kylie Smith is an internationally certified professional canine trainer and behaviour specialist providing support you need to overcome any behavioural problems your canine may have. She is a qualified Veterinary nurse prior to this so has an in depth understanding of any rehabilitation concerns that may be affecting your dog’s behaviour and will work safely with our Veterinary/Physiotherapy team.

Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCARS)

The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (Sippy Creek Animal Refuge Society Inc) was established in 1979 to provide temporary refuge and find new homes for abandoned, abused, stray and unwanted cats and dogs. The Refuge is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation and has a strictly regulated non-euthanasia policy. They also run education programmes for the community on responsible animal ownership.

Pawsitive Connection – Brisbane

Fun for life