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Canine myofunctional (muscle function) practitioners initiate and facilitate maintenance and healing. Specifically tailored to every dog’s individual needs, a regular professionally assessed and applied massage helps a dog’s body behave and function to the best of its ability and how it was designed to.

The musculoskeletal system provides support, stability, protection and mobility. Muscles play a role in everything from good joint articulation to muscle contraction and relaxation. In a pliable state they are long, soft and resilient, able to absorb and spread forces across a larger area. Any deviation can result in poor joint function, muscle or fascia adhesion, tension, tremors and reduced range of movement. Massage aids the release of muscle fibers and fascia that are resistant to movement stimulating body healing if and where it is required, improving compensational patterns the dog has adapted to using.

Massage stimulates all internal bodily systems and increases in the release of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin levels help with mood regulation, improve motivation, low energy, focus, depression, relieve pain and increase feelings of bonding, stability and trust.


  1. The skin responds to the speed, flow, techniques and pressure of massage applied and aids in gland secretion which lubricates and keeps the coat healthy.
  2. It facilitates the body to draw healing tools within the circulatory system (lymph and blood flow) to go to areas where dysfunction and/or injuries are.
  3. Through stimulation of the circulatory and endocrine systems, it is proven to boost immunity and help control mood.
  4. It activates the nervous system into parasympathetic (calming) function.
  5. It facilitates the processing of foods, nutrient absorption and elimination of waste and toxins via relaxation responses in the nervous and circulatory systems.
  6. It facilitates relaxation allowing for slower deeper breathing and thereby release of tension. This improves supple body movement, better leg extension and strength with the ability to sustain physical activity.
  7. Massage has deeper physiological benefits by initiating positive sensory proprioception messages that respond to body position and movement. Massage resets muscle length and the engagement of fascia (connective tissue) so that the dog’s body can move to the best of its ability.

From a puppy who gets carried away and has growth spurts to the adrenalin driven athlete to injured or older arthritic dogs, canine myofunctional therapy is a treatment that supports health, wellbeing and longevity both internally and externally. As part of a long-term plan every dog and owner will benefit from introducing canine myofunctional therapy into their lives.

We will be happy to teach you some techniques to further enhance the management of your pet at home. Please contact reception for any further information and to organise an appointment. A consultation with the Physiotherapist will be required prior to commencing treatment. 

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