nMeet Milo….. The most improved little dog I have ever seen.  This old girl  (believe it or not she is 9!) came to me at the end of August with severe neck pain (probable disc pathology – with narrowing on Xray and neurological signs).  She was unable to walk and yelped when turning her head and being picked up.  It did not look good for Milo.
nThanks to the dedication of Pat in following the Physiotherapy program to the ‘T’, she is off all medication, walking, playing with her new puppy friend (who she almost ate previously) and swimming a few times a day.  Her neurological signs are normal and she powers in the underwater treadmill, followed by a chill under my gazebo with some physio treatment and acupuncture.
nI think she would give my kelpie a run for her money now if she tried to round up Milo!
nGood work Pat and Milo – so happy you are a dog full of life again.
nBrooke nn