nI would like to introduce Max – a 6yo Golden Retriever who has won my biggest loser award of the week.
nMax came to seek my help in June suffering from weakness in the back end.  He was having difficulty getting up, going up stairs and only tolerating short walks.  The Vets diagnosed him with arthritis in his lower back on Xrays and were treating him with anti-inflammatory medication.
nFor such a young dog he was presenting like an old man.
nAnn has been working so hard with Max with his Physiotherapy program at home and his new diet and he has dropped his weight from 43.6Kg to a slender 37.6kg.  Max now has more energy, no signs of pain and is negotiating stairs, getting in and out of cars and has rediscovered his love of swimming. I have been treating him with mobilisation, massage, stretches, acupuncture and he has become a champion in the underwater treadmill.
nI am proud to say he has not needed any more medication and is moving much better in his back.  We will see him in another 6 weeks and work towards getting him trim, taut and terrific for summer! So great to have Max back on track.  Thanks Ann for all your hard work.
nBrooke nn