nI had a chance to review Morty in his new wheels (see this video attached).  He really is the perfect candidate for wheels. This can be a very difficult decision for many owners. Morty is a very active and healthy 9yo cattle dog who lives on a property and enjoys his morning runs with the horses.  He was run over and sustained a very severe thoracic spine fracture and disc injury in his lower back.
nAfter 4 months of rehabilitation it looks unlikely he will regain function in his legs.  Being such a bright dog and pain free, he can now enjoy quality of life in his new wheels and get back to his daily run in the paddock.  His football skills have been easily adapted also.  We are working hard at maintaining his condition in his front limbs as there is obviously more load placed here but he is coping very well.  It takes an incredible amount of work to maintain a dog with severe spinal injuries but he is just being kept beautifully and I strongly believe is enjoying his life now and adapting to it very well.
nWith some luck he may get some return of function in his legs but in the meantime he certainly has a sparkle back in his eyes and may be up for a speeding ticket if he is not careful!
nThanks for all your hard work and persistence!