Well the little Missie is now almost 2 months since her injury.  Spinal rehabilitation can be a journey for sure.  She is doing ok, though I have been a little concerned that she has plateaued in the last few weeks.
nShe did remarkably well in the first month but her progress has slowed somewhat. I am hoping she will continue to improve and I am trying to be patient with her recovery.  She is trying her hardest, loving swimming and I am taking her to work with me at NCVS daily to work her legs in the underwater treadmill.   With ongoing physiotherapy and acupuncture I hope she will have a spike and her ataxia (wobbliness) will improve somewhat.  If she is not any better at 3 months Dr Mitchell and I may decide to give her an MRI to see what is going on with her spinal column.
nBless her she really is a champion patient and I hope to get her back to quality of life as soon as possible.  It surely is not much fun for a 7.5 year old kelpie to be tied up and not able to chase those birds, despite all the pats!
nBrooke and Missie