Many have been asking after my Missie. Thanks for your concerns.
nWe have had an interesting couple of weeks. I might be biased but she really is a star patient. I have been pulling all the tricks out of my sleeve and doing my best (as is she). She is getting up more easily, walking assisted with a towel and wants to explore.  Missie will look drunk (ataxic) for some time (probably 6months or so) and it will be a long road but she is really progressing fast. It has not even been 2 weeks since her incident at the beach where she had her spinal injury (Type 3 thoracolumbar disc).
nI found her mojo on thursday and put her in the pool with the portage float coat. She got her competitive nature back trying to beat her sister to the frisbee (a slight unfair advantage to her bigger 4 legged sister) and both legs are kicking well. This is a great way to keep her fitness up and get her bowels moving! The odd present is dropped for me on the way but you know… she can’t help that.   We have been doing lots of underwater treadmill sessions also and of course physiotherapy and acupuncture. She now is only on natural supplements and medication. So all good so far!
nGo Missie and thanks for trying so hard!