Well my missie finally had her cameo appearance. Last year we had some filming for the episode on Animal Physiotherapy for Better Homes and Gardens.  Unfortuately time ran out to include her action at Shelley Beach.  They decided to use a bit of this for their episode last friday on Dog Beach Etiquette.  A strange coincidence that Shelley Beach is where she had her spinal injury a month ago.  I set her up infront of the TV and assured her we will work hard to get back to that swimming and playing at the beach.  She is doing well so I hope I can carry out my promise!
nIf you missed it you might like to view on their website: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/better-homes-gardens/tv/video-archive/. Keep your eyes open (it is quick!) but she is the most beautiful dog – chocolate kelpie leaping into the water….
nGo Missie!n