This is Luna before Physio (love the tongue out of the rottie below tolerating this!).

And this is Luna after Physio:


And here is Luna’s story from her dedicated owners:

After two TPLO operations perfromed by Dr Richard Mitchell and Dr Ben Clarke at NCVS and with constant physio treatments from Brooke and Anna, Luna was doing great but was struggling with the weight loss that was recommended for her recovery. So from the advice we received from Anna to switch her food to Royal Canine Weight Management, we managed to get 14kg off her. This took her from 70kg to 56kg and we cannot believe the difference it has made for her. 

After seeing the difference we can not stress to other dog owners the importance of your dog being a healthy weight and having ongoing physio treatment after major operations.

Thanks to everyone that has helped luna 

Glenn and Aimie

Well done Anna for all the hard work to continue to help get the weight off Luna. She has added years to her life and no doubt is more comfortable with less progression of the inevitable arthritis after cruciate surgery. Go Luna looking good girl!