Meet the lovely Coco – a new species for me for Physiotherapy!


nPoor Coco was attacked by wild dogs in Maleny.  She is owned by the gorgeous owners of Germaine (you might remember our famous little chihuahua with neck spinal damage – who is doing very well by the way).  So Lucy kindly rang me to see if we could help Coco use his leg properly.  As you can tell there is a very large wound which is being managed by the Maleny Vets.  She is knuckling with that left leg and has a sore back and hip (I suspect nerve damage during the trauma).  Coco understandably is distressed and did not like being picked up and transported, but she seems to relax and lean into me and enjoy her physiotherapy (especially of her lower back).  We will need to wait for the wound to improve before we do too much but apparently she is starting to place the foot better now which is great.  Pigs are apparenlty very difficult to sedate so intervention is hard for wound management .  So hopefully with some love and care and extra attention she will heal in time.

nGood luck Coco – i hope to see you back to your piggy self soon!