Well I am proud and excited to announce that I am now focussing on my work as a 100{bc605b960ca9dbe12f7ed085bfda8325551a137dcbbda3e7f6e2f691c471cd21} animal physio.  This has been a long and challenging road for me at times to establish this new profession in Australia.  I now work out of 2 veterinary specialist centers (NCVS and BVSC) in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast and finished my last day in a human private practice last week. While I still love treating humans and can’t seem to say no to vets, vet nurses, owners with more difficulty getting off the floor than the dogs, it feels great to be focussing my energy in my area of passion.  I don’t think my back or my personal presentation (or smell) has improved but hey… it is all worth it! Thanks to all those pooches and their kisses to convince me daily to put my energy into fixing them.  Don’t worry humans, my hands are still available but you may have to enter the practice on all fours! nn