It was lovely to see Boss make it home safe and sound 5 days after his total hip replacement. Boss had been referred for Physiotherapy some time ago with hip dysplasia and with such a keen owner had been working hard to build muscle stability and strength.  With ongoing pain and exercise limitation, this high energy dog underwent surgery last week with Dr Mitchell at NCVS.  We have been reviewing him since day 1 post op and set up a program with his lovely and diligent owners at discharge this week.

It is no mean feit looking after such a high energy and large dog after this surgery at home. He needs strict crate rest to walk with a sling only for toilet purpose for 6 weeks, alongside physiotherapy 3-4 x/day. At this stage he will have his X-rays to check the implant and then we work to continue to build his muscle stability and strength over the many months – eventually to return to full off lead exercise.
I look forward to sharing his progress with you.


This is boss finally home and more relaxed in his own environment. I understand his owner slept on the floor with him for the first night and has taken 6 weeks off work to help with his recovery! What a lucky dog boss is (but such a lovely big boy it is well deserved I am sure)!!