I would like to share Anna’s beautiful story about treating the lovely greyhound maple. We shared her story a while ago this is her update:
“One year ago almost to the day Maple had her left hind amputated following a fractured femur that failed to heal post op.

She has learnt to cope with her disability amazingly well thanks to the loving support of her wonderful owner Jodie and her best mate Phoebe, another greyhound.

She is such a lovely dog and very expressive in how she feels especially when it comes to me touching her right hind..until now she has made it very clear by always laying right side down and sometimes being a little touchy that I was not allowed to go there yet!!
Finally today after nearly a year of me treating her she granted me full access to her right hind. Out of the blue she decided to lay for the first time left side down and kicked back and relaxed whilst I massaged and stretched her right hind. It was such a rewarding moment for me and her loving owner Jodie. And I’m sure she felt a whole lot better today after the session.

Sometimes it’s the small things in this job that make it so utterly special and winning Maples trust today is certainly a moment I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

I love my job and working with people who love what they do too….