My new pet – but not for long.
nI just moved house to a lovely little property. More room for the pooches. A lovely white duck named quacker was left behind and was unfortunately not making friends with my very efficient working dogs.  Try as we might but we couldn’t catch the duck. With a new home waiting with lots of duck friends it was getting a little frustrating.
nSo one Sunday morning we decided to use Tiah my ‘working dog’/Kelpie for the good.  Within 2 mins she successfully chased the duck across the dam, it flew high and over the fence…. then splat in a nearby tree and fell unconscious but safe landing…. long enough to jump the fence and place quacker in a safe cage to take to work.  Pretty funny and the best way to rescue a duck.  Thanks to the Wilvos for all their advice…. I don’t think they could have planned this perfectly executed rescue!!! 
nI hope Quacker is happy with his new friends.