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To work together as a team to provide the utmost care for all animals. Thanks to your veterinary pathoanatomical diagnosis, my role as a qualified Physiotherapist specialised in Animal Physiotherapy,  is to establish a functional diagnosis and use evidence based practice to maximise the animal’s recovery from surgery or provide conservative management.

We are located on the Sunshine Coast in our purpose built rehabilitation center at Nambour and providing inpatient services to NCVS.

In our 1-1.5 hour initial assessment and treatment we endeavour to set up a home program suitable for the client and are available for advice from then on.

We will always write/ring you initially following consultation to update you of our assessment and treatment outcomes with regular reports each time we review.

We now provide HOME VISITS for your clients in need (pending availability and COVID restrictions). I recommend this for those who physically can’t make it into the practice (human/animal); if home environment assessment is needed; to establish safe swimming in home pool; holiday care for injured animals; Doggy day care post surgical patients (e.g. spinal patients); or pre-euthanasia treatments to maximise comfort for all.


Treatment should begin as soon as possible after an injury, preferably in early stages (even prior to surgery) to minimise secondary complications and maximise recovery. Many believe Physiotherapy is just about exercise or passive range of movement, but evidence shows Physiotherapy provides best outcomes throughout the entire healing process.

Any questions regarding appropriate referral of cases or times best to start treatment please feel free to call us at any stage (0408 022 660).

We are happy to visit your practice, as we have done for many, to discuss Animal Physiotherapy further with your staff, do case discussions, and establish a friendly and professional working rapport.

Download Referral Form here (For Physiotherapy):

Holistic Animal Physiotherapy – Referral form (116 KB)

Email as per details on form please.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Phone: 0408 022 660

Providing Physiotherapy for animals - all creatures great and small