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Comprehensive Assessment
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my Animal Physiotherapist tell me if I need to see a Physio face to face, or a Veterinarian?

Absolutely! While there are many injuries that can be self managed with a home program, some conditions do require physical assessment and treatment. Much as I have extensive experience and skills at detecting when an injury requires further investigation, if you have an Animal Physiotherapist in your area, a face to face consultation is of course preferable.

Q: How can a Physio diagnose your pet’s injury if they haven’t even touched him/her?

All Physiotherapy appointments start with a “subjective assessment”, in which the Physiotherapist will ask you a well-structured series of questions designed to discover what they need to know about your injury (without touching you). By the end of the subjective assessment, every good Physio should already have a very clear idea of your probable issues. The Physio may then perform some tests to confirm this diagnosis. If I have any further queries about your pet’s injury once I have reviewed your assessment, I may prompt you to answer further questions, or perform certain movements, and provide feedback regarding these (even a video of your pet doing these movements can help).

Q: What about Physiotherapy treatment? How can you treat my animal’s injury without touching him/her?

Most people’s traditional view of Physiotherapy is that it involves “hands on” treatment. In reality, this is only a small portion of what we do to assist with injury management. Identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle, home environment, and daily activities, as well as instigating a structured and tailored exercise program, are some of the most important things Physiotherapists do. What you do every day with your pet makes the biggest difference. This puts you in much more control of your own animal’s recovery. Obviously specific ‘hands-on’ treatment would be ideal but if you cannot access this service I can guide you to massage and stretch your own animal, set up an appropriate exercise program and adjust his/her daily life to improve the overall condition.

Q: You have given me exercises to do, but I’m not sure if I’m doing them right!

The wonders of modern technology open up a whole world of possibility. With your Comprehensive Assessment, you receive a free follow up email/phone/skype consultation. You could attach a photo or video of yourself doing the exercise/s, or even organise for me to check them via skype in real time!

Q: I am not very good with technology…. Can you still help me?

If there are any difficulties, I will work with you until they are resolved.  I am happy to ring you to discuss the best option for you to set up an effective program. Please indicate your concerns in a quick question.

Q: What payment methods are available?

I use the PayPal system for payments (secure payment). Credit card payments through PayPal clear instantly, meaning I can get started on your Comprehensive Assessment straight away. You can also pay via direct deposit, but please understand that I cannot commence work on your Analysis until these payments are cleared – this may be a few days. Your Analysis will be ready within 3 business days of receipt of your payment.

Q: Will you provide a refund if you deem that my problem is not suitable for a Comprehensive Assessment?

Absolutely! If I determine that your injury or situation is not at all suitable for a Comprehensive Assessment, I will let you know, and refund the cost of the Analysis. Having said that, most Musculoskeletal Injuries stand to benefit from, opinion, education and advice.
If you are unsure whether your pet’s injury is suitable for a Comprehensive Assessment or not, send me a free quick question to clarify.

Feel free to send a Quick Question first if you are not sure if a Comprehensive Assessment is appropriate.