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Comprehensive Assessment
Example Questions

Q: My dog is having cruciate ligament surgery next week. I understand I will need an extensive home program to get him back on track. Can you please advise me so I can maximise his outcome?

Q: I have an old Border Collie who I love dearly. She is very sore after playing ball and yelping when she gets up and down. How can I help her?

Q: My vet checked my dog’s hips when she was desexed last week. He did some xrays and diagnosed her with Hip Dysplasia. I am very worried about what I can do for her. Can you help me with this?

Q: Lucy is a 9 year old Labrador. She loves her food and has suffered from Elbow dysplasia and had both her knees operated on. We struggle keeping the weight off her but know we need to keep her moving. I would like a program to help keep her going. Can you help?

Q: I am in NT and do not have access to an Animal Physiotherapist. I am a vet nurse and have been treating a kangaroo joey after a spinal injury. We are having trouble getting her to use her legs and would love some advice. If I send some details and videos could you suggest where we can go from here?

Q: My German Shepherd has seen a chiropractor over the years for ongoing back pain. She is continuing to lose muscle in her back legs and having difficulty getting up. I would like to know what exercises I can do to keep her moving well and improve her quality of life.

Q: I have a Maltese who was hit by a car. She had extensive damage including pelvic fractures. After surgery she has not regained the ability to walk. I am very worried about her quality of life and would like some advice if you can help.

Q: I have just bought a retriever and would like to train her up to be a retrieving dog. She has been diagnosed with Elbow dysplasia and is due to have surgery. What can you recommend for her and do you think it is possible to get her to this level?

Q: We live on a property and my Kelpie is a very good working dog. She has just had a fusion of her wrist after a fracture and I am worried I cannot get her back to work. Can you help?

Feel free to send a quick question first if you are not sure if a comprehensive assessment is appropriate.