Comprehensive Assessment — Cost: $120 AUD (phone/email/skype/facetime)

This is a complete, tailored injury assessment and management plan – you’ll receive the assessment with 3 business days of payment received (unless otherwise notified).

How it works

The Comprehensive Assessment is done by you completing our online form, then we reply with the completed assessment within 3 business days.

1. The Comprehensive Assessment form

Following registration, you will be guided to a diagram of body regions. Input the number relating to the body region that is most applicable to your animal’s injury or concern, then complete the assessment form. It should only take 5-10 minutes, depending on how much information you give me. The more information you give me, the better equipped I am to advise you! If there is any further information from your Veterinarian regarding scans (Xrays etc) and intervention this will greatly help me to give you accurate advice.

Photos & Video

You are welcome to send me photos and/or video of your animal once you’ve completed the Comprehensive Assessment form. Click the button below for information about sharing files (this link will also be emailed to you).
This is particularly beneficial for me to assess the gait of your animal.

How to send Photos & Video relating to your Assessment

I work very closely with Veterinarians in Australia and it is vital to have a team approach to maximise your animal’s outcome. Any information from them will help me tailor your program accurately.

2. Payment

Once you click ‘Submit’, you will be prompted for payment details. This is via Paypal for credit card payment, PayPal, or via direct deposit.

3. Delivery of the Comprehensive Assessment

Once your payment has been received by Holistic Animal Physiotherapy I will assess the information you have provided, and email you the completed Comprehensive Assessment within 3 business days (unless otherwise notified).

If you have any questions about your Analysis, or the progress of your injury, send a message to me via this website, and you will receive further advice, at no extra cost. A follow up phone call may also assist further (no cost) if appropriate. Skype can also be used if you prefer.  Alternatively if you are close to sunshine coast we can organise an actual ‘face-to-face’ consultation to review and progress your program.

To proceed with a Comprehensive Injury Analysis click below.

Example Comprehensive Questions

Please click here to view some example questions. Feel free to send a quick question first if you are not sure if a comprehensive assessment is appropriate.

Comprehensive Assessment FAQ

Please click here to view frequently asked questions.